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Seasonal Wood for all applications | Firewood Frisco,Mckinney,Dallas.Delivery or Customer Pickup

Packaged Products


Gourmet Boxes – USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes full of Apple, Wild Cherry, Hickory, Pecan or Mesquite

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We offer 3 Different Bags packed full of Kindling, Pinion, Fruit / Grill Wood or Oak. Debris is confined to the bag, not your car!

Cherry and Apple are great gift ideas for birthdays.

  • 2.5 CU FT (50 LB) White Poly Bags – Camping Trips, Tube Pits, Trips Home – 6″-10″ X 3″-6″ Sticks
  • 1 CU FT (20 LB) Red Mesh Bags – Tube Pits, Green Eggs, Store Displays, Option: small (3″ X 4″) or large (6″-10″ X 3″-6″) sticks
  • 448 CU IN (5 LB) Clear Plastic Gusset Bags – Store Displays, Green Eggs or BBQ Grills – Stuffed with small (3″ X 4″) sticks

10% Discount on 3+ bags of any size / species.

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BBQ Chips

BBQ Chips Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Pecan and Oak chips. Our chips are smaller, down to sawdust and generate a lot of smoke.

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Camper Bundles

Camper Bundles (.75 CU FT) Our camper bundles are firewood size logs (16″-18″), excellent for the firepit, BBQ or camping trip. You may have seen our bundles at stores in your area.

Oak –                                  Call for Pricing

Pinion –                              Call for Pricing

Pecan, Hickory, Mesquite –   Call for Pricing

10% Discount on 3+ Bundles – Any species.

Ask about our Turn Key Convenience Store Program