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Seasonal Wood for all applications | Firewood Frisco,Mckinney,Dallas.Delivery or Customer Pickup



Prices are not guaranteed – We offer several delivery options such as local DFW deliveries, USPS Priority – Flate Rate; USPS Express Mail; LTL and Semi-Load. Our Semi rates are negotiated to $2 per mile, whereas most Shipping Companies charge upwards of $4.00 per loaded mile. Please bear in mind that prices fluctuate based on several variables such as fuel costs, destination, truck availibility, trailer type, scheduling, etc. If you’re flexible on delivery date we will find the best shipping rate available. Your individual Package, LTL or Semi rate will be determined at time of order. We ship Medium USPS Flat Rate boxes, 50lb bags, pallets and semi-loads of either loose wood or palletized wood.

Bag and Box Orders  Call us at 972-769-7378 to purchase boxes and bags. We will send you an invoice via PayPal. We require a PayPal account to use a Credit Card. We offer pallets of Grillwood and Fruitwood in 3 different bags as well. Please call for details and prices.

Fifty Pound Bags – 50 Lb (2.5 CU FT) bags are shipped everywhere in the contiguous US. This is a great way to send a gift to your friends and family. The bags are 20″ X 36″ lying flat. We fill these bags to capacity with 6″-10″ X 3″-4″ chunks of your favorite grillwood / fruitwood. Weight fluctuates on different wood species due to density and moisture content, affecting bag weight and shipping cost. For example, fresh hickory is the heaviest product we offer whereas seasoned Apple is the lightest. We weigh each order and give you the best online USPS shipping price available.

LTL (Less Than a Truckload Lot) – We ship palletized logs LTL. This requires stacking the wood in a crisscrossed fashion and stretch wrapping the palletized products. Large orders of Bags are shipped LTL as well. There are a few LTL considerations for homeowner and businesses. LTL deliveries are shipped in a 65′ – 80′ Semi-Truck & Trailer. Unless you have a loading dock and equipment to move 1,500 – 2,200 Lbs. these deliveries require a truck with a lift gate and a pallet jack. Semi Trucks require a lot of room to navigate in / out of your neighborhood, park and unload the pallet(s). There are limitations to where 1,500 – 2,200 pallets can be dropped. Alleys aren’t accessible to these trucks. Consider the dynamics of moving the pallet from an accessable area to your driveway. Is it up or downhill? Are there obstacles such as humps, rocks, holes or huge cracks? Shippers have policies affecting their ability to move your pallet more than a few feet. The best place is in the driveway just off the road. We need to consider all of the above prior to scheduling your delivery as we want you to be happy with your order.

Flatbed Semi Truck Loads Maximum Capacity is 13 Face Cords (26 Pallets) – Weight varies with different products, moisture content, log size, etc. Most customers prefer palletized grillwood for storage and handling purposes. How We Do It: We enhance 48″ X 40″ pallets by adding lumber. This allows us to stack the wood horizontally to get you the maximum amount of wood on a pallet. Add stretch wrap and the wood is safe and secure for shipping. We can stack a half cord on each pallet. Pallets stacked in this manner ship on flatbed trailers. Flatbed Trailer Considerations – A forklift to unload the pallets at ground level is required. We can ship pallets in an enclosed trailer as well.

Enclosed Trailer – Semi Truck Loads – We ship loose wood and pallets in an enclosed trailer as well. With loose wood you save on packaging but labor and storage are considerations.