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Save $20 – On Texas Wood Man Signature FIREWOOD RACK(s) when you purchase firewood and a rack.

Living up to 500 years a Red Oak can tower 140 feet or reach 6 feet in diameter. At Texas Wood Man we hand select and harvest oak trees from many sources, including our own land. We process the firewood and store it on high, dry ground and allow it a year to season. When we deliver it to your home it burns effortlessly. Our firewood lights easily and burns evenly, generating a nice toasty fire. Seasoned oak is brown to gray in color, it has cracks and the bark is dry, absent and/or falling off. If you have purchased green firewood we can help. We stock Kindling and seasoned oak firewood year round. 

2011 – When we harvested the trees, predominately from a logging operation they contained little moisture due to the drought conditions. Add 12 months and 100°, dry weather and mother nature has produced some of the finest seasoned oak firewood I have seen to date. We have some green firewood in stock if you need a mix. Did you know that Texas has experienced 10% tree loss (500 million) due to the 2011 drought? FAQs

Add a 2.5 CU FT bag of Pinon, Apple, Wild Cherry, Hickory, Pecan, Mesquite to your order.